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Order By Car:
A full drive thru can re-direct potential customers to your competition across the street. With Orderade, you can fight this with our "Order By Car" process.

Order By Car is exactly what it sounds like. It's essentially curbside ordering, but with a twist. Let your customers order from their car and deliver it to them by the color, make & model of their car or a numbered parking space in your parking lot. We save your customers car details, let them tell you their car type or order by your numbered parking space they're located in. You can also give them a direct parking space QR code to scan and start ordering instantly.

They can also Order By Table as well.

Features & Benefits:
• Decrease Drive Thru Lines
A full drive thru can scare off your customers. Let them park in one of your parking spaces instead and order directly from your Orderade storefront. Keeping your drive thru line shorter and welcoming.
• Order When Ready
Customers can order whenever they're ready. They don't have to wait for the person in front of them who can't decide what they want. First to order gets priority, instead of first to arrive.
• Decrease Wait Times
Giving your customers a fast way to order, allows your team to view, process & deliver the order asap. Your customers no longer have to wait for the person in front of them to order. Cutting their wait time significantly.
• Increase Sales
Cutting ordering time down for each customer means they're less likely to go to the competition. They're also more likely to come back because Orderade remembers their order for you and they don't have to wait for anyone in front of them.
• Pre-Ordering in Traffic
Giving your customers a new way to order, also lets them pre-order while they're on the way to your location. They can start ordering while sitting in traffic and pick it up when they arrive.
• Instant Re-Orders
With the click of a button, your customers can re-order from their list of previous orders at your location. We remember their orders and give them a re-order button to instantly submit the exact same order again.
• No App Required
Orderade works 100% in the browser on your phone, tablet or computer. Your customers don't need to download an app to start ordering. It's instantly available to everyone.

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