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Order By Table:
Having enough staff to serve your customers properly can be one of the biggest challenges for a restaurant. Especially during your busy times. We have a solution for you. It's called "Order by Table".

Order By Table is exactly what it sounds like. Let your customers order directly from your Orderade menu and tell you their table location. They can also scan a unique table QR code and start ordering instantly.

Have a fast food or takeout restaurant? Learn more about our Order By Car system.

Features & Benefits:
• Decrease Reliability on Wait Staff
Being properly staffed for your busy times can be difficult. Orderade gives you flexibility so your customers can order directly from your menu, instead of from a member of your staff. Some customers may even prefer to order this way.
• Join an Order
The paying party can allow others to join their order so it's all under one bill. We provide the main orderer with an invite QR code or link to invite another member of their party. Everyone can use their own phone and all items end up on the same bill.
• Split Orders
Each member of the party can order & pay separately. Simply by ordering separately, our system charges them for exactly what they ordered. No need to split the bill, run credit cards, etc. It's all managed by our platform. Making it easier on your customers and easier on your wait staff.
• Order When Ready
Customers can order whenever they're ready. They don't have to wait for your staff to ask them what they want. Giving your customers control over their experience.
• Turn Tables Faster
By giving your customers a faster way to order, they can be in and out in less time. Turning your tables faster and increasing your sales.
• Increase Sales
Your customers can add to their order at any moment. Giving them the ability to order additional meals, desserts, appetizers, drinks and even to go orders will help increase your sales.
• Instant Re-Orders
With the click of a button, your customers can re-order from their list of previous orders at your location. We remember their orders and give them a re-order button to instantly submit the exact same order again.
• No App Required
Orderade works 100% in the browser on your phone, tablet or computer. Your customers don't need to download an app to start ordering. It's instantly available to everyone.

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